Complete Static Site Generator

Mimogear is a web starter kit that compiles, distributes, watches, & deploys a pug template boilerplate, a sass skeleton stylesheet, and an optional javascript module bundle with gulp & travis ci.

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leaf Fresh Boilerplates

All the templates, styles, and scripts you need to start a bangin' site are already setup as highly structured & clean boilerplates.

speed Compilation

Assets are compiled intelligently based on the build environment and which files were changed then reloaded with browserSync.

book Docs up the Yazoo

Forget being stuck. Documentation is maintained with thoroughness and ease of understanding in mind.

Whip out a terminal and tryout Mimogear:

$ git clone https://github.com/mimoduo/mimogear.git
$ cd mimogear
$ npm install
$ npm install gulp-cli -g
$ gulp